Kamado Joe

This is the way it was put to me recently by a retailer who went on to describe ceramic grills as the ‘future of barbecue’. Ceramic charcoal grills are a joy to cook on with almost unimaginable versatility. The high thermal capacity of the ceramic, and the characteristic dome shape, means that heat radiates and reflects onto the food from all directions; sealing the outside and producing what is the current Kamado Joe strap-line – ‘Moister Meats, Wood Fired Flavour’.

For most cooking methods, the food rests above a ceramic disc, providing an indirectly heated cooking space in the dome above the disc. For those familiar with Aga cooking, – hot ovens,moist food, forgiving timings – you will be very much at home with a ceramic grill.
After the moistness of the food, the second fascination with kamado cooking is how it is possibly to control, and maintain chosen temperatures for seemingly endless periods of time: and I mean hours through the day, and into the night if you consider it necessary. The ceramic plays its part, with its high insulation properties. However, for the most part this is achieved through the airtight design – the upper and lower domes are sealed with heat resistant felt, while the air flows in through the bottom vent, and out through the top vent, in the manner of a wood burning stove.
Such control gives rise to several different cooking styles, each with their own following. Low and slow cooked barbecue classics such as pulled pork are possible at one end of the temperature scale, where smoking is also the norm. In between temperatures allow for cooking more or less anything you would want to cook, bake or grill in a normal oven or on a barbecue. At high temperature – much higher than can be achieved on a metal kettle barbecue – you can enjoy a true flame grilled steakhouse experience! So it is not just looks that distinguish a kamado grill from a bog standard barbecue!
Coming now to the Kamado Joe. In a crowded and competitive market-place, great brands carry defining features that bring character to the products. In the case of Kamado Joe, a brand barely five years old but already seen as the brand in its category that sets the pace, those defining features include quality, innovation, attention to detail, and true flare!
In our UK showroom, we have all of the Kamado Joe range on permanent display. There, and at the trade shows linked above, you can touch and feel and judge for yourself the quality of the brand, from the finer finishing touches in the manufacture, to the total brand identity running through every detail of packaging and presentation. See also details of our special dealer days at our UK showroom and elsewhere, where we be delighted to fire up a Kamado Joe for the full eating experience!
For 2014, the Kamado Range has had a major set of additions and enhancements to both the grills and the accessories. It is clear that Kamado Joe offers more flexibility and variations of cooking surface than any competing product.
Kamado Joe is managed and distributed in Europe by Grakka. Warehousing will be extended during 2014 to our Southern Holland warehouse location, as well as Devon UK, and European sales and marketing will be managed through our subsidiary company Grakka Europe BV. This will provide an improved level of service to our customers in mainland Europe.

Retailers interested in learning more about the Kamado Joe opportunity should make contact with our Sales team.

Full details of the Kamado Joe range are available on the brand websites at: