Bradley Smoker

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A family owned brand, The Bradley family, based in British Columbia, have had stellar success with the ever popular Bradley Smoker. It is currently available in four models and is now selling throughout Northern Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well as its North American home market.

The success of the brand hinges on the truly unique method of controlling the smoke production. This means that whether you are using Bradley Smokers in a restaurant setting, or at home – be you a gourmet chef, country sportsman, fisherman or barbecue enthusiast – you can be confident of achieving not only consistent and reliable results, but also the finest fare in terms of texture and taste. Food smoked in a Bradley is equal and beyond anything that can be achieved in a traditional smokehouse. It is for this reason that the reputation of Bradley Smoker has spread.
Furthermore, in northern European countries, including The UK and Ireland, where cold smoked products such as smoked salmon, bacons and hams are eaten in abundance, the ability of the Bradley Smoker to cold smoke (with attachment) to this high standard, as well as to hot smoke, makes it a truly outstanding product.
As well as the traditional smoked foods, Bradley Smoker’s North American home market is in the grip of ‘smokin fever’ when it comes to using food smoking techniques for everyday cooking, and of course for barbecuing. The upswell in interest that has taken place there augers well for the future of the brand in Europe. Trends in cooking, as with much else, do not take long to cross the Atlantic.
The Bradley Smoker brand is managed and distributed in Europe by Grakka; indeed it was Grakka that brought the brand to Europe in 2002.
Needless to say we foresee a great future for the brand. We aspire to broaden the type of stores selling the brand to include high street stores, and to this end we are delighted that Lakeland will be carrying the new Bradley Convection Smoker in the UK.
During 2014, warehousing will be extended to our Southern Holland warehouse location, as well as Devon UK, and European sales and marketing will be managed through our subsidiary company Grakka Europe BV. This will provide an improved level of service to our customers in mainland Europe.