About Us

What We Do

We supply outdoor cooking brands to retailers, dealers, and re-sellers in the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe.

We represent manufacturers from Canada, the USA, South Africa and Australia, providing local brand marketing, customer service and product support.

As well as the day to day business of distribution, a large part of what we do is to build and maintain a buzz around the products we distribute. From websites and social media, to carefully crafted PR in the media, plus recipe development and live demonstrations.  In support of these activities we have our own food blogging website at www.thehungryones.co.uk .


Where We Do It

Our Head Office is in South Devon, England with our Business Development Managers located in London UK, Sweden, The Netherlands and France.

We have a showroom in South Devon the Outdoor Gourmet Shop, which also functions as a separately operated retail outlet It is a perfect location for us to demonstrate and display our products, and to provide training for our current and future dealers.

Our warehouse facilities are in South Devon and in Holland, close to Rotterdam. Additionally we use outsourced warehouse space for some products.

Who We Are

Grakka was formed, out of a passion for food smoking and all things barbecue, in 2002, by John Watkins, the current Managing Director. We are now a team of thirteen .